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Ezion Holdings Limited (EZION) is the parent holding company for the subsidiaries in asset ownership or managing and operating companies, publicly listed in the SGX Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange. Moreover, EZION is financially robust and coupled with a team of astute and experienced management executives, with a conservative policy of incorporating a balance of debt and equity while maintaining a healthy amalgamate of current assets against liabilities.
An operating company as a subsidiary of Ezion Holdings, managing a wide array of propelled and non-propelled vessels to accommodate the different offshore transportation needs. The variety of services includes the transportation of offshore jack-up, platforms, piles, bridges, pipe-laying equipments and the topsides for FPSOs and FSOs. Meanwhile, Teras Offshore also offers their specialised jack up liftboats to support maintenance, commissioning and decommissioning services for the offshore platforms while providing niche logistics support specially catered to the oil and gas industry. In addition, Teras Offshore develops, owns and charters various strategic offshore assets for our clients. These assets include Multi-Purpose Self-Propelled Jack-Up Rigs (“Liftboat”) that are primarily suited for offshore oil and gas production platform maintenance as well as offshore windfarm support work. More »
Joint Ventures
TeraSea Pte Ltd is a 50/50 JV between Ezion Holdings Ltd and Seabridge Marine Services Pte Ltd. This unique JV brings together the joint expertise in ocean towage of both companies. With a vision to provide top class marine towage assets and management the JV has proceeded to order 4 units of 16,300BHP, 200BP dedicated ocean towing tugs. These vessels are currently being built at Japan Marine United and the last vessel will be delivered by end of Feb 2014.

Services include provision of project management and engineering support that is capable to include rig tows to complex FPSO transportation. The company is helmed by Peter Lee as the Chief Executive Officer who has a wealth of experience in managing complex marine transport projects.
POSH Terasea is a joint venture between POSH Semco's EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning) division and TeraSea Pte Ltd. POSH Terasea will operate a fleet of nine young and modern ocean going AHT tugs of between 150 to 200 tonnes bollard pull. This unique joint venture brings together the largest fleet of specialised and dedicated deep sea ocean towage tugs in the world.

Specially designed for efficient long distance ocean towage, these tugs have large fuel tanks with the capability to burn both IFO and MGO, providing a flexible and cost effective solution to our clients. With double the tank volumes compared to standard towing tugs, we reduce the need for port calls saving time and expense and increasing safety margins in the event of adverse weather conditions.

The tugs are also equipped with anchor handling gear and deck equipment to provide an added dimension of services such as installation of offshore platforms and mooring systems and assistance with floatovers. With FIFI class, large deck space and several with OILREC notation, this also makes our tugs ideal for salvage assistance, fire-fighting, oil spill and pollution response activity.

Along with the hardware, POSH Terasea is backed by dedicated marine crew and onshore personnel with a solid rack record and years of experience in towages and marine projects. This combination gives the company a clear edge in the business, delivering value added services to our clients such as turnkey engineering and specialised work such as positioning and heading control.
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